Name That Hymn Writer

Our church just received new hymnals full of classic and contemporary songs to sing. I am happy they mixed the old and new tunes for such a wonderful blend of music styles. 
Let’s have some fun today and see how many hymn writers can you match with their compositions:
Who wrote the following hymns? (Tried to be easy on you so most of the names are quite familiar)
1.     Joy to the World
2.     Jesus Christ is Risen Today
3.     Come to the Table
4.     A Mighty Fortress in our God
5.     Blessed Assurance
6.     It is Well with my Soul (When Peace like a River) – do you know the story behind this hymn?  What a witness! 
7.     Hallelujah Chorus
8.     Amazing Grace
9.     All Creatures of our God and King
10.  Borning Cry  – I had to include this hymn since I have found many are not familiar with it and it is one of my favorites  Listen to it here 
Scroll down for the answers.
Interesting as I compiled this I realized how many hymns I knew the tune to, but knew nothing about its author. Each song has a person behind it carefully choosing every precise word that pours from his or her heart for the purpose of glorifying God. I think next Sunday when I sing each hymn I will pause, note the writer and composer, and say a word of thanks.  Somehow knowing more about the background of the hymn connects me with other pilgrims on similar journeys. 
May music refresh your spirit this week.

What is your favorite hymn and what do you know about its story?


1.     Isaac Watts
2.     Charles Wesley
3.     Claire Cloninger – had to include her as I have several of her books on my shelf and never realized before she also composed music. 
4.     Martin Luther
5.     Fanny Crosby
6.     Horatio Spafford
8.     John Newton
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  • Clella

    What a great post! I love the old hymns, but of course some of the new choruses are so uplifting. One of my favorite old hymns is Count Your Blessings and I always count you as one of them. Clella

  • Jean Wise

    Thanks for visiting Jeanette and you are so right about my misprint of one answer. It is corrected now. thanks!

  • Jeanette Levellie

    This fascintates me, Jean. I love music of all kinds, but especially worship that lifts up the savior. Thanks for a fun post!


    P.S. I think 5. is Fanny Crosby