Organizing your Prayers – Prayer Calendars

I am an organized person.  In fact some people think I am hyper-organized. Call us Type A personalities, high strung, or detail crazy – we are the planners, system thinkers, and get it done people.  So it should be no surprise an idea called a “Prayer Calendar” excites me.
I found this great concept the other day on the blog, Scripture Dig. The post was called  “The Type A Person Prays” by Teri Lynne Underwood.  Immediately I knew I found a soul sister. (By the way, Scripture Dig is a great web site too)
Teri defines a prayer calendar as a “a prayer calendar is a tool for organizing the major areas of prayer in your life.  She uses both a weekly and monthly format and in the post lists the categories. Her suggestions are great and will give you many ideas on how to model this for your prayer life.
I keep a list of people and ministries to pray for daily, but haven’t designated days or months like Teri has. I googled prayer calendars and found many organizations and churches share them each month. But I do like the idea of making my own – more personal that way.
I am traveling this week so plan to bring with me a September calendar to work up some ideas.  I think I will also write out monthly themes as Teri does.
How do you organize your prayers?
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  • Jean Wise

    Michelle I am a type a person too. One reason why this method appealed to me.. will see how it works….

  • Graceful

    That’s cool, Jean. And I like your monthly topics that you listed above. For such a Triple Type A person, I don’t organize my prayers at all. And I tend to pray for the same things over and over, so maybe this approach would help me grow in my prayer life a bit?

  • Jean Wise

    Robin, Here is my monthly ideas. I may change a little but think I will start with these:
    Jan – new beginnings – discernment
    Feb – joy
    March – Letting Go
    April – Kindness
    May – Solitude and Silence
    June – Hope
    July – Love
    Aug – Faith
    Sept – Self control
    Oct – Goodness
    Nov – Gratitude
    Dec – Giving

    Sunday – churches, paster and church staff
    Monday – ministries/ non profits
    Tuesday – the poor, disabled, ill, those in need and struggling
    Wednesday – next generation
    Thursday – friends/family
    Friday – those serving in military, government and other countries.
    Saturday – People who work weekends and night shifts, public safety

    Hope this helps

  • Robin

    I am anxious to see what you come up with. I am kinda struggling with the development of mine right now :-(

  • Jean Wise

    Thanks for the nice comments. I did create my weekly and monthly calendar themes. Thought I would try Fruit of the Sprit and other spiritual healthy habits for the monthly themes. Gratitude in November, discernment in January, Joy for February ( I saved love for July my anniversary month and need joy in the middle of winter). will post later in the year how this is going but love the idea!

  • Teri Lynne Underwood

    Thank you for this mention! Isn’t it exciting to find kindred spirits who “get” us?

    Enjoy your travels!

    Oh & thanks Kristen for your sweet words too!! :)

  • Kristen

    That’s a neat idea!! Mrs. Underwood is wonderful isn’t she? I’m off to check it out-thanks Ms. Jean!

  • Karen

    Haven’t thought about orgainizing prayers. Wow, is that a surprise…teehee… But I do journal everyday, unless out of town. That does put in writing my thoughts and prayers to the Lord. Does that count?