Simple Instructions from God

God has quite a sense of humor.


I had been yapping at God all morning. How come I don’t understand Your ways? What is my next step? Why can’t I hear You?  Why do You make everything so complex and difficult? I need an operating manual for life, Lord!
Then I saw the answer – a simple, clear response – while I filled my tank up with gas:
1.     Know the payment plan – God has already paid the price with His Son, Jesus. My heart melted as I realized once again the cost of His sacrifice in light of my shameful, minor whining and complaints. Daily, even moment-by-moment – I offer my heart up to the Lord with gratitude for His gifts, grace, and forgiveness.
2.     Follow instructions. My job is just to follow His instructions. I am reminded about the story of Joshua and the walls of Jericho. God commanded Joshua, not to tear the wall down – that was His job. Joshua’s job was just to obey God’s simple instruction to march around the walls each day.  My job is to listen to God and follow His instructions – that is to love Him with my whole heart, mind and might.  Putting one foot ahead of the other, like Joshua did, walls of discontent, discord, and distrust will eventually collapse.
As I pumped gas into my empty tank, God’s grace filled my empty heart. Once again I was reminded He is in charge and has already paid the price. If I “follow instructions,” all the rest will fall into place. 

Now every time I look at the writing on a gas pump, I will remember God’s simple instructions.
Where has God surprised you lately?

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  • Graceful

    This is so cool, Jean! Good listening!

    God has surprised me on a billboard, of all places. I’d been asking for a sign, wondering why He doesn’t give me a sign. So he gave me a billboard, which said, “Someday you will die. And then you will meet God.”

    Now that’s a sign. He knows nothing short of a billboard will do for me!

  • Karen

    Read the writing on the gas pump? How wonderful! We always do make things difficult.

  • Jean Wise

    Thanks for the nice comments. Yes His instructions are not always as clear and specific as we want but I think if we continue to focus on Him, the details will fall into place.

  • Melinda

    Love this post … so true, but I wish His instructions were clearer sometimes … that I understood where He was going with inexplicable circumstances in my life. I know it comes down to trust.

  • Clella

    God’s instructions on the gas pump! Oh Jean I love your mind and the way you think. And if only we could follow His instructions, and I want to , but my selfish desires just keep getting in the way.thanks for this post. Clella

  • Cy

    I love your analogy! Truly, God wishes for our obedience more than anything. I love this post. Tweeting it out for Tweet Me Tuesday! :)

    Cyrene @ muminflipflops

  • Kaye – SandwichINK for the Sandwich Generation

    Wow! Excellent way of putting this. Isn’t it wonderful what Jesus did, and is continuing to do, to bless us with His awesome salvation and life with Him! Thank you for this terrific analogy!

  • Kristen

    How neat!! Isn’t it amazing how God shows us all the answers we’re looking for…if we pause long enough to see what he’s showing us?

    Have a great day!!