Light of the World – Lectio Divina

You are the light of the world…Let your light shine before others.

Matthew 5: 14, 16

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Light of the World

Lord you call us to be the light of the world. Not just in the world but of the entire world.

That is quite an assignment, Lord.

My self doubts cast shadows. My sin darkens my heart. My busyness and ego smudge my good intentions.

I look deep inside of me, Lord and barely see a small glow, hardly the brilliant beam needed to shine your love for others.

I can take my little flashlight and flicker it here and there.

Yet you call me, call us, to light the whole world.

This reminds me of the space above my kitchen sink. Boring and non descript, I created a stained glass border.

At times the colors of the broken pieces shimmer softly across the room.

But when I turn on the power of the light behind the decorated frame, colors cascade and glimmer and sparkle everywhere.

Lord be the power that intensifies my light.

Take my small spark and swell its flame.

I need your power to billow my little light so my tiny ray reflects your love and passion.

Then I can smile and sing

“This little light of mine, I’m gonna let it shine.” 



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  • Jacqui

    What a beautiful reflection! You are incredibly gifted. I look forward to visiting again soon for more inspiration! #SITSBlogging

    • Jean Wise

      Thank you for your kind words. I need to get around to more of the blogs on the challenge. My goal for today. Fun to find new blogs, isn’t it?

  • galalily

    Very beautiful post! Shine your light!!

    • Jean Wise

      Thanks for your kinds words!

  • Jamee @ A New Kind of Normal

    This is a beautiful, beautiful post! I happened to have read it on my way to the hospital for two procedures this morning! So glad I found your blog through SITS! It definitely touched my heart!

    • Jean Wise

      Thank you Jamee. I hope your procedures went well. Sending up a prayer for you.

  • Jenna Em

    I like how you take scripture and apply it to your day-to-day life. It seems to help you see the beauty in everyday things.

    • Jean Wise

      Thanks for your kind words, Jenna.

  • Jasmine Espinal


    • Jean Wise

      Thanks for commenting Jasmine!

  • Jelli

    It’s funny, I was just singing “This Little Light of Mine” with my 6 month-old son just a few minutes ago. This passage has always been very special to me. I tried to memorize the Sermon on the Mount for awhile… still haven’t got it all down, but these verses yes! Thank you for this inspiration today, Jean. I’m visiting from Sits Girls today. Loved the post! Pinning.

    • Jean Wise

      I love that song. We have been singing as part of our liturgy at church this Epiphany season. Love it when adults and kids sing it with joy too. Thanks for stopping by, Jelli!

  • Lisa notes…

    I’ve been thinking of those verses on light of the world just this morning. It does seem sort of a big assignment. But he’s the light, not me, so yes, we just let our tiny ray reflect his love and passion. Beautifully said, Jean.

    • Jean Wise

      Aren’t these great verses? So rich in images and do linger with us. Thanks for commenting, Lisa

  • Nancy Ruegg

    Isn’t it amazing the difference a two-letter word can make? Your observation is spot-on: We’re called to be the light OF the world, not just IN the world. And I love the word-picture you gave us, based on the stained glass border over your kitchen sink. With you I pray that God takes my little spark and swells its flame. A very meaningful post, Jean!

    • Jean Wise

      Nancy the more I slow down and read His word the more I hear those small words that make all the difference. Thanks for your kind words!